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Installation - Virtuemart Product Tags

Installation Instructions - Step by Step Procedure

  • Download com_vmutags.zip and install it.

  • Go in components and click Virtuemart user tags. You will see a license dialogue. 

  • If you don't see a license invalid message and you see an error message or a blank screen, please check System Requirements.

  • In license dialogue, you see two links to generate the license for this product. If you are using a trial, please click 'Get Trial License' link. If you have bought the product please click 'Generate Full License' link. 

  • After generating license file, upload it using the file upload button in license dialogue.

  • Download plug_vmutags.zip, install and publish it. 
    To publish a plugin you need to go to Exensions >> Plugin Manager.

  • Login to your website front-end as a super user and go to any product's detail page. Here you see the new tags area. You can simple add new tags here. Separate multiple tags by using comma.

  • Try adding new tags for different products

Customizing Position of Tags div

  • If you do not see a tags div in products details or if you want to show tags div in a specific position, you can also do that. First find your virtuemart product details layout file. Look it in this file:
    If this file is there, edit it. Add any custom string like 
    at the position where you want to show tags div. After doing this save and update the modified file. Now you will see tags div at your required position.

  • If you do not find the file in above location, please check it this location:

  • After modifying the layout file, go in 
    Joomla back-end >> Plugins manager and edit 'Virtuemart User Submitted Tags' system plugin. Find the parameter 'Custom string to position Tags section'. Write the same string here, that you wrote in product details layout file. i.e. vmtagposcustom

  • At run time, this string will be replaced by the tags div.

Associating Menu Items with Tags

  • Our Virtuemart Tags extension provides you an easy for flexible product categorization. For example if you have many products made with wood then you can create a new tag "Wood" and add it to all wooden products. Now click 'Wood' tag on product details page show all wooden products list.

  • You can associate this list page to a menu item by using 'External URL' option of Joomla menu item. The url is given below;

    Change the word Wood to any tag name.
In case of any problem, please feel free contact us. Don't worry if you are just testing it. We will be happy to help you.

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