Wish Lists Module

1. How to Create a Wedding Wish List
(FAQ/Joomla Products)
... for users creating Wedding Lists on your website with our Wishlist for Virtuemart Extension for Joomla. Suppose we have two users 'bride' and 'groom' on our website. 1 User bride logs in to your ...
2. Virtuemart Wish list (Favorite Products)
(FAQ/Joomla Products)
Wish list Details Customize Buy Now Favorite Products Plugin - Step by step instructions: Download the installation package into a temporary folder Extract it and you will see 5 installation ...
3. Wishlist for Virtuemart
... extension in Virtuemart extension directory for several years. The long awaited Wish list / Gift Registry / Favorite products extension for Virtuemart. It integrates so smoothly you'll swear it's ...