1. Multi Sites Plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce
Acclaimed as one of the best and simplest wordpress plugin to run multiple websites from a simple wordpress installation. You do not need to go into the complexities of wordpress multi user. Just install ...
2. Search with Mobile Camera or Webcam
UPDATE: This is not limited to Joomla now. We have a solution for every website or even a mobile Application. Whether it is WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, any other CMS, using Laravel or even ...
3. Speed up with CDN
... and lower, now it becomes the need of nearly every website. Advantage of our services: Our services hide the complex details or setups from the non-technical users. Now, any Joomla or WordPress website ...
4. WordPress Latest Posts Module for Prestashop
Are you integrating your WordPress Blog with your PrestaShop? This module adds a block to display the last n number of posts summary from your WordPress blog. The great thing is that WordPress tables ...
5. Speed up Joomla
... money will be refunded. Guaranteed. 100% risk free. This package contains as many speed plugins required on your website and any custom coding if required to achieve the 90+ score. Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, ...
6. WordPress