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Extensions for Virtuemart are also available and many more...

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Joomla Membership Component

Easy to use, simple and powerful Joomla extension for adding paid membership feature on your website. You can provide selected content only to subscribers.

You can setup both paid and free membership plans. Easy subscription process for your visitors.


Mulit Store, Multi Vendor Virtuemart

Not just multi vendor. This extension gives you much more functionality to your Virtuemart shop.
* Multiple sites with single joomla admin
* Single admin and multi cart
* Multi admin and multi cart
* Vendor admin from front end

See details to know more.


Wishlist extension for Virtuemart

This is Wish list / Gift Registry / Favorite products extension for Virtuemart. You can use it to create Wedding Wish lists also. Features include:

Private or Shared lists. Multiple wish lists are allowed for a single user. Social sharing and much more...


Multi Image upload for Virtuemart

In Virtuemart products backend, by default you can upload only one image at a time. "Multiple Images Upload for Virtuemart" plugin allows you to upload multiple images in one go.

This is a great to increase productivity and save time.


Paid Membership for JomSocial

Exclusively developed for JomSocial. Give more powerful profile features to your paying members and less to free members Or you can simply force a membership fees to everyone.

With access control extension it allows you to control user privileges extensively.


Virtuemart Products Tags

Categorize your Virtuemart Products more powerfully. With the help of tags you are no more limited to your virtuemart categoris.

Now, you can categorize your products in almost any way. If you like, you can allow users to submit tags. As admin, you can check and publish them. Check now.