Headless Joomla and Virtuemart - JSON output

Now your favorite CMS Joomla and favourite e-commerce extension for Joomla, The Virtuemart gives json output. With our new extension, you can take json output from any view of Joomla and Virtuemart. Simple REST calls and Joomla and Virtuemart gives you json. You can use in any client side app. You need just a few HTTP GET an POST calls to interact with your powerfull Virtuemart back end from your android/ios app.

Make Mobile App for your website

Whether you want to make an Android App, Windows App, iOS App, Web App by taking data from your Joomla website, you can rely on our JSON extension for Joomla. In fact you can make any client app with your Joomla/Virtuemart website works as the headless server.



Search with Mobile Camera or Webcam

This Joomla component allows your visitors to search your virtuemart e-commerce website using their mobile phone camera or webcam. Without a need to search by typing any text like product name or other details.

Suppose a person finds a nice cap somewhere. He like it. Now he want to check if a similar product is available on your e-commerce website. What does he do? Just grab his phone. Load 'Search by Image' page on your website. Click 'Scan' button. Live video gets started showing on screen. He points the camera to the cap and your website tries to recognize the item. If it recognizes, it shows a list of matching items.

Check this video to see the demo live:



Joomla Membership Component for Paid Subscriptions

Joomla 3.0 Compatible

Joomla 3 Ready!

Easy to setup Membership Component

Joomla 3.x ready!

After great success of SimSu we are glad to announce a new Joomla Membership Component, the GOLD version of SimSu. It has all features of SimSu (Simple Subscription Manager) plus new exciting features. We call it SimSu GOLD. Try it now. It is a nice Joomla Membership Component for Paid Subscriptions. You will like this simple and powerful membership extension for your next joomla site.

Free Trial Available with free support. Contact us for more information.

Subscription Plugin Features:

  • Joomla 3.x native membership extension
  • Easy to Use.
  • No hacking and Joomla remains easily upgradable
  • Create Free plans or Paid plans as many as you want
  • Trial Period for subscription. A great feature to offer by our Joomla membership extension.
  • Manual approval of subscriptions on your choice
  • Option to display selected plans on different menu items



Paid Membership with Multiprofile and Access Control for JomSocial

compat_15_nativecompat_16_nativeJoomla 1.7 CompatibleJoomla 2.5 CompatibleJoomla 3.0 Compatible

How to use Paid Membership Manager with Advanced Multiprofile Access Control for Jomsocial

Most of the time, people ask us about setting up a JomSocial website where paid members need to have more rights than free members. For example, photo and video uploads. This is very easy with our extension.

After installing & enabling our extension, you need to setup something like this. Create two profile types in JomSocial using Multiprofile option in backend. Go in JomSocial back-end >> Photos. Select profile type from drop-down, do the required settings and save. Then select other profile type(s) and do the same.

Same thing can be done in Videos, Groups and Events settings.

You may even make more than one paid profiles in multi profiles, like Silver, Gold and Platinum members with different rights in JomSocial configuration. Our extension really gives you a lot of options to attract members with free membership and then create a money stream with one or more premium paid membership plans.



Wishlist for Virtuemart

compat_16_nativeJoomla 1.7 CompatibleJoomla 2.5 CompatibleJoomla 3.0 Compatible

Super Hot Sale Joomla 3 Ready!


£59 - Buy Now - Only £49 £49

First of all, Thanks everybody, whose confidence in this extension made it a great success. It is the TOP reviewed extension in Virtuemart extension directory. Check here:


The long awaited Wish list / Gift Registry / Favorite products extension for Virtuemart. It integrates so smoothly you'll swear it's a native VM feature. Wishlist for Virtuemart - Joomla Extension. Create just a single wish list or multiple wish lists as and when you want. Share with family and friends. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and by Email. Now introducing a great concept of shared wish lists.



Multi Store - Multi Vendor Virtuemart

Joomla 2.5 CompatibleJoomla 3.0 Compatible

Joomla 3 Ready!

Newly Introduced GOLD Version


After introducing our Multi store for Virtuemart plugin, we are now moving forward with our new Multi Store - Multi Vendor extension (GOLD VERSION) for Joomla 3.x and Virtuemart 3.x. We have a version for Joomla 2.5 and VM 2.x also.

Please note that a sub store is also referred as a sub site, vendor store and vendor site here. These all are same.

Shopping Mall like Setup

Our Multi Vendor Virtuemart extension allows you to setup a "Shopping Mall" like Virtuemart online e-commerce shop. This kind of setup allows your vendors to have separate payment methods, separate shipment methods and different shipment methods if required.

Two options for money. It can directly go to vendors or you may receive it as site owner. Then you may send it to vendors. Each Vendor can apply taxes as per his requirement and his physical location.

GOLD VERSION Highlights:

- Achieve great multi site, multi vendor environment with just a single installation of Joomla and Virtuemart
- You can set a different template for each vendor store (sub store) or just use the main one.
- Share Joomla Content Categories and Articles across the main site and sub stores as well as writing different content