Joomla Multi Sites Extension

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Our new Joomla multi sites extension allows you to have multiple front end websites with just a single Joomla installation. A single Joomla folder and a single database will show multiple front end websites. Joomla multi sites creation was not that easy before.

You can share categories, articles and modules in a very flexible way between your front end websites. For example, suppose you have 3 front end websites. You can have share an article between your joomla sites A and B. While you can share another article between websites A,B and C. Another article can be shown to all 3 front end websites. You can also have website specific unshared content like articles that are only displayed on either website A, B or C.

Joomla Multisite Plugin


If I use your Joomla Multisite Plugin, does it allow me to designate simple frontend users to work as administrators of their own site? I want to make sure that they will not be able to login at backend. This is a very important requirement.


Yes, with our Joomla Multisite Plugin, you can simply designate normal 'Registered' type users as administrators of their own frontend website. They can manage content categories, articles and modules without having any backend access at all.


We want to make several health related websites. For ease of management, Joomla upgrades, extensions upgrades, content sharing and front end maintenance, we are looking for a good Multisite extension for Joomla (our favorite CMS). Can your multisite joomla plugin help us to achieve all these goals?

Multi Store - Multi Vendor Virtuemart

Joomla 2.5 CompatibleJoomla 3.0 Compatible Virtuemart 2.x Compatible

Newly Introduced GOLD Version


After introducing our Multi store for Virtuemart plugin, we are now moving forward with our new Multi Store - Multi Vendor extension (GOLD VERSION) for Joomla 2.5.x and Virtuemart 2.x. It is also called Multi Vendor, Multi Site Virtuemart.

Please note that a sub store is also referred as a sub site, vendor store and vendor site here. These all are same.

GOLD VERSION Highlights:

- Achieve great multi site, multi vendor environment with just a single installation of Joomla and Virtuemart
- You can set a different template for each vendor store (sub store) or just use the main one.
- Share Joomla Content Categories and Articles across the main site and sub stores as well as writing different content


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