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ג'ומלה Virtuemart-לדוגמא לתוסף JSON

ראה את כתובות ה-url הבאות ואת הפלט הנתון מתחת לכל כתובת url;

מתקשר לדף הבית




    "item": {

        "id": "1",

        "asset_id": "61",

        "title": "Getting Started",

        "alias": "getting-started",

        "introtext": "It's easy",

        "fulltext": "",

        "state": "1",

        "catid": "2",

        "created": "2019-08-29 14:35:43",

        "created_by": "581",

... =" pageclass_sfx \ "הוראות לדוגמה אחרת;




    "pageclass_sfx": ""


Other Examples;



Get a specific category info;


Filtering - Just get the required object from above url;

a) only category object from json;


b) getting category.children object


c) getting first element of array category.children


d) getting images of first element of array category.children


You get the idea? Right.

There are just two rules to remember;

1) Write any Virtuemart URL and append the following to the end


Hurray! you get the JSON data.

2) If you don't want to get that much data, you can just get the required objects by filtering. For filtering, you need to add the filter by adding the reqobj parameter to the url. 


3) Further great thing is that you can add any number of filters to the url. The benefit is that you can get more than one required objects from one url with just one HTTP request. Efficient!

For example,