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Joomla Speed Optimization

Speed enhance your visitor experience and also have a positive effect on your site position in Google Search. Here is some information about Joomla site speed.

Server Side Optimization of Joomla site

Joomla has a built-in cache plugin, which caches the whole joomla page. When this plugin is enabled, first time it caches and next time(s) it just deliver from cache. It does not go to each Joomla component for getting the output. So not K2 and Virtuemart. Definitely it is fastest joomla page creation on server.



Website Speed Up

Custom Tweaking to Speed Up your Website

Congrats! your new website is completed and working well. It looks really nice. Having great content but wait a minute. Did you check its Google Page Speed score? Google does not like slow sites and in result your search ranking goes down. You can check it yourself with Firefox extension for Google Page Speed.

We provide customized services to increase your Google Page Speed rank. You will get a dedicated one to one support. Google loves faster sites which means better raking of your site in search results. Always keep an eye on performance of your site.



Virtuemart SEO

SEO plays a major role in success of your site. Search Engine Optimization is not just creating SEF urls. It is much more than that. One very import aspect of Search Engine Optimatimization for your site is the speed of your site. The quicker it will load the better rank it will get. Besides speed, you can provide translated pages of your site in foreign languages. This will increase your reach to foreign customers. So, it is great that you have a nice SEF plugin but you need to do a bit more.

Lets see some details:



Virtuemart Multi Language

Virtuemart Single language shop to Multi language store

Convert your virtuemart shop to multi language store without doing the tedious manual translations. Yes, it is possible now. The best of all is that your content will be indexable by largest search engines. Do you foresee its benefit?

Increase your Products Reach to millions!

Yes, once your multi-language site (about 32 major languages) is ready then immediately your products reach will be multiplied. Keep in mind that it will be a matter of hours. Without any manual translations,  You will see very soon the increase in number of visits from other language users, sent by largest search engines.

What is the difference?



Virtuemart 2.0

We are glad to congratulate Virtuemart Team for announcement of their new 2.0 version. It looks nice and has some very interesting improvements.

Some features:

  • Products with expandable custom fields
  • Advanced Tax system
  • True multi-currencies management



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