How to move a Joomla site

Steps to move your Joomla site

1) Backup:
- Go in File manager in your hosting control panel. Make a compressed (for example zip) archive of all your files and folders.
- Go in phpMyAdmin and export all your tables with data. Save in a file.

2) Transfer files:
- Login to the hosting control panel of your new site.
- Upload the compressed archive
- Unzip the archive

3) Create Database
- Create a new mysql database on target site
- Create a new mysql user
- Assign user to new database
- Import your .sql dump

4) Change Joomla configuration file
- Edit joomla configuration file (configuration.php) in your favorite text editor.
- Change database name, database username and database user password.
- Change log and temp path variables.

5) Change name servers on your Domain name provider's site and point to new host.

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