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Virtuemart Multi Language

Virtuemart Single language shop to Multi language store

Convert your virtuemart shop to multi language store without doing the tedious manual translations. Yes, it is possible now. The best of all is that your content will be indexable by largest search engines. Do you foresee its benefit?

Increase your Products Reach to millions!

Yes, once your multi-language site (about 32 major languages) is ready then immediately your products reach will be multiplied. Keep in mind that it will be a matter of hours. Without any manual translations,  You will see very soon the increase in number of visits from other language users, sent by largest search engines.

What is the difference?

You can say that anyone can simply use any free automatic translation plugin from many available in the market. So why ours? What is difference? The DIFFERENCE is that with our solution, your content will be fully indexable which is not possible by using other manual translation plugins.

Still not satisfied?

Contact us now, we will show you the PROOF!