Joomla Backend Protection

Joomla 2.5 CompatibleJoomla 3.0 Compatible

Add a security layer to your website backend with our new Joomla Backend Protection plugin, without SSL. As you know SSL certificate encrypts your website traffic so no one can see it on the network. Unfortunately a good SSL is expensive. Here comes the need of our Joomla encryption plugin.

Our plugin encrypts your joomla website's backend traffic. Although we do not say it as a replacement of SSL but surely it adds a security layer by encrypting the data transfers over the internet. By default, Joomla website send all data in clear text. Anyone monitoring the network can see it easily. Even your login names and passwords are not safe. Joomla sends user names and passwords in plain text. Your Joomla admin section must be secure. Our plugin does that.

Our Joomla encryption plugin is a low cost alternative to SSL. It uses AES encryption to encrypt your website traffic. We are sure, it will be a good addition to your joomla security plugins.

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