Troubleshooting Tips

How to Generate your licenses:

If you see a license dialog in the back end of your joomla site, please do the following to generate and upload the license.

- If you've bought the plugin, please login to our site using the login details sent in a separate email. If you did not recieve that, check your spam folder. Remain logged in there.

- If you are using a trial, no need to login on our site.

- Login to back end of your site and go in plugins manager or in the components to the component you just installed.

- Here you see the license dialog.

- Click on 'Generate Full license' link (if you've bought it) OR click 'Get Trial License' (if you are testing a trial).
- License code will automatically be filled in the form. Don't put your domain name there. Just click 'Generate' and Save the file to your computer.

- Upload the license file using 'Browse' button

  •  Make sure that your site does not have invalid HTML. For example, unclosed html tags specially div can affect various plugins. Apps In Tabs plugin may also display tabs wrongly if you have invalid html like invalid/unclosed div tags in your JomSocial/Joomla template. You can check your site's html validity using any good online html validator, like:

  • There should be no javascript errors. For example, when JQuery and Mootools are both used, there should be no conflict or Javascript error. For example, if a Chat application is producing javascript errors may stop functioning Apps In Tabs plugin. You can use Firebug extension in Firefox to see javascript errors on your site.
  • If you face a problem with an extension, try it on a fresh test joomla/jomsocial installation. You can do it in a sub folder on your site. You may add other extensions/plugins one by one to find the problematic one.
  • If you see a blank white page after installing an extension, you can manually delete the php files of that extension via ftp to bring your site back. After resolving the issue, you can reinstall your extension.
  • "My Licenses" section is not for all products. You do not need to generate any license unless you are requested by the extension after installation.

Dowload Problem:

  • If you have paid for a product and waiting for an email containing download instructions, then check your spam/bulk folder. That email may have gone there.
  • If you do not find an email and was logged in when you purchased, please try login with the same account, go to the download area and download your extension.
  • If you bought an item as a visitor (not logged in) but already have an account here then your item will automatically be attached with your account and you can download by logging in with that account. So, if you did not received an email from us, you can login with your existing account and check the downloads area.
  • If anything else, contact us.


If in case your site became unaccessible after installing/enabling any of our plugin, Just delete that plugin's php file using FTP. Your site will be back if that was because of our plugin. Then contact us for further help.

Convert Trial license to Full

If you are using a trial license for any Joomla extension, Virtuemart plugin or JomSocial add-on, please follow the steps given below. This procedure is good for all components and plugins for Joomla.

You must have purchased a full license from the respective product page to do this.

Example Case - Paid Membership Manager

- Connect via ftp

- go to    /administrator/components/com_simsu/

- rename  l__i__c.txt     to    trial-l__i__c.txt

- Go to

Joomla admin >> Components >> Paid membership manager.

- Login to with username and password you received in an email from us after buying the product.  If you did not receive that email, first check it in your spam/junk emails. It may have been there. If not, please contact us with your order number.

- After login, go back on your site and move to 

Joomla admin >> Components >> Paid membership manager.

- Click generate full license, download the file and save to your computer.

Important: Make sure that license file should not have a number that is usually added by browser. For example,

l__i__c.txt  is valid license file name  but

l__i__c(1).txt    is invalid.

So you should save license file without number. Like  l__i__c.txt

Another example of this:

plug_jomsomu_lic.txt  is a valid license file name  but

plug_jomsomu_lic (1).txt    is invalid.

- Upload file using the browse button (the file upload button) near the license invalid message.  In case of Paid Membership Manager component, you can also upload the license file via ftp to 


If the above steps do not work or In case of a problem:

- Go to

Joomla admin >> Components >> Paid membership manager.

You will see a license invalid message with a license code. Copy that license code and send. Based on that code, we will generate your full license and update your order.

- rename   trial-l__i__c.txt         again to             l__i__c.txt

so you can continue with the trial license, till we send you the full license.