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Sixth Successful Year, Serving Virtuemart Websites Better

After great success of our wishlist extension, we are glad to announce SpeedBooster for Virtuemart. A joomla plugin to Speed up Virtuemart. Take your shop to the next level. Speed up Virtuemart plugin uses our state of the art cache technology to deliver virtuemart product pages and optional virtuemart categories, browsed by visitors of your site. Whether you have 10 products or 10000 products, this is great for your shop.


- Upto 80% reduction in sql queries.
- Upto 70% speed gain.

Short Video - Speed Up Virtuemart Demo

- Less load on CPU
- Memory friendly
- Quick page loads, happy users and MORE SALES with Virtuemart Speed up plugin.
- Low disk consumption for cache files. Just 10 KB (approx) per product on your disk. If you have 10000 products you will need around 100MB.
- Very simple to install. Just install the plugin and enable it. Default cache time is 5 minutes but you can change it in plugin parameters.

Great Plug-in to Speed up Virtuemart. Get Free Trial. Contact us! Trial will be fully functional.

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Bundle Offer: SpeedPlus and SpeedBooster - Great Saving!

The Need for Speed Bundle - SpeedPlus and SpeedBooster

What is the difference between SpeedBooster and SpeedPlus?

The SpeedBooster (Virtuemart Speed up plugin) enhances virtuemart performace for product detail and product category pages in Virtuemart component while SpeedPlus enhances the performance of Virtuemart and other Joomla modules.