Slow Virtuemart

Q. I have two problems with virtuemart speed;

The first one is with categories. I have around 500 categories and sub categories. Every page containg my virtuemart categories module is loading so slow. The second problem is product details page. It is also very slow.

Can your products help?

A. For the first problem, slow loading of virtuemart categories module, we have The SpeedPlus. This is proven product to speed up Virtuemart and other joomla modules. Specially great for Virtuemart Category module.

For product detail pages you can have our plugin, The SpeedBooster (for Virtuemart). This is great for product browse pages and category pages.

Our tests have shown upto 80% increase in virtuemart performance with these two plugins. The best thing is that you can have a free 15 day fully functional trial. We are sure, you will be happy. After trial, you can simply buy and continue using it. No need to uninstall/reinstall.