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JomSocial Registration with Paid Membership

Q. How Joomla/Jomsocial registration works with Paid Membership Component (Simsu)?

A. Here is the way to do that;
- Point a menu item to
to display subscription plans in frontend.
There is a setting in Paid Membership Configuration, captioned as 'Allow Visitors to buy'. If this is set to YES, anyone can subscribe to a plan. His/her account will automatically be created and details will be emailed. Otherwise users first have to create an account and then they can subscribe.

If a user creates an account but do not have an active subscription in Paid Membership Manager, default Jomsocial permissions will be applied to that account. You can see/modify these default permissions in
Joomla backend >> Paid Membership Manager >> Configuration
After they get subscribed, user's pemission control set will be taken from his plan.

In case a simple registered user (have no subscription) tries to do something which is not allowed to him, he will automatically be redirected to the plans page.

There is another setting in Paid Membership Manager >> Configuration which is called, 'Force Subscription'. If this is set to YES, users will not be able to do anything on your site until they get subscribed. Usually this is set to NO.

From the experience we came to know that asking for a payment on registration kicks out many users at the time of tregistration. Instead, allowing them to register and using the system with low/very low previleges proves to be good. Once they are registered and used to with your site, there are more chances that they will pay for premium/full features.