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Multiple Virtuemart White Label Websites


I would like to setup white label websites where the joomla information is setup to be independent, and the Virtuemart information to be central, but when someone purchases something the viruemart advises the administrator which website the order came from. Can your module do this?


Yes, our multi store virtuemart extension can do that. You can share virtuemart products across various websites and can have separate joomla information on each website. You can share some joomla content also if you like.

These white label sites can be build on either sub domains or even on separate domains. All possible.

It can also provide you ways to get better google rankings by avoiding duplicate content. Our multi store virtuemart extension allows you to have a different product name, description and meta information on different white label sub site. It is a unique feature to give you better rankings in Google search.

The best things is that it will be done with just a single Joomla and Virtuemart installation.