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Multi Store installation on localhost


We need to test multi store virtuemart extension on localhost. How to do that?


On localhost, first you need to create virtual domains on your local computer. Their names can be same as your live domain. If name is same you can generate and use your full license. Creating the same virtual domain name on local pc as your live domain name, is recommended. If you are testing with different domain names on localhost than actual live domains, you should get the trial license. After installation and enabling the plugin, trial and full license generation links can be seen in
Joomla back end >> plugins manager

Creating live sub domains on servers can be done in your hosting cpanel. Creating sub domains on your local host can be done in your hosts files and apache vhosts configuration. Here is a detailed article on that.

So, first create a domain like
and a sub domain

Exact procedure is given in the above mentioned article.

After creating that YourMainSite.com on your localhost, you will be able to access your localhost with the following address;
(this is just a virtual domain and actually your  localhost)

is also a virtual subdomain and that should also point to the same Joomla installation. Again, keep in mind that with our solution, there is one and only one installation of Joomla and Virtuemart. Multiple front ends can be shown from that.

After doing so, when you will access

You will see two separate stores. Products, categories, Joomla content, modules, template etc. will be shown as you configured according to the screenshots given in this article.

Option 2. Access sub stores as sub folders:

You can also access your sub stores (or vendor stores) as sub folders of your main site. Like the following:



Here demostore1 and demostore2 are sub stores for different vendors.

For this sub folder style you just need to turn ON the option 'Vendor sites in sub folders' in multi store plugin's back end parameters.

You must turn OFF the native multi vendor feature of Virtuemart in Virtuemart Global Configuration.

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