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Virtuemart Multi Vendor - Subdirectories


I think I did a correct setup on the your Multi Vendor Virtuemart extension but there is no output in my 3 test subdirectories. Could you please help me / guide me how to get any data output in some sub-directories?

The main site is on http://www.example.com/




Thank you so far.


Your Virtuemart multi vendor setup is working actually. First of all, please delete all 3 sub folders. sub1, sub2 and sub3. All sub stores work with virtual sub domains and no need of actual sub folders.

Then go to this page:

and click "ICIDU Draadloze USB Adapter 300N". This is a product assigned to sub store sub1. This will take you to the sub store.

After you delete sub1, sub2 and sub3 folders, the following urls will also start to work:

Just make sure that all above sub domains should point to your Joomla root folder. Most probably the /public_html folder.

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I installed, your Multi vendor Virtuemart plugin but now my site's front end does not show and module or articles. What is the problem?


There is a setting in virtuemart multi vendor plugin back end options known as 'Show all in Main'.

When YES this option allows you to show everything by default in main site. All modules, articles etc. If this is set to NO, it means you want to show only allocated items to your main site. You can allocate Joomla Articles, categories and modules to different vendor stores or your main site by going to the following screen:

Joomla back end >> Virtuemart >> Multi store control center (MSCC) >> Joomla content and module allocation

Is it clear to you now?

By the way, did you read the configuration article completely before starting setup? It is very important.
Multi Store Multi Vendor Configuration & Settings