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K2 Performance

Question: Our Joomla, K2 performance is not good. K2 is slow. As articles are growing, K2 is becoming slower and slower. We have a good server. Plain Joomla pages are loading fast but K2 performance is bad. K2 pages are heaving, containing javascript, slideshow and other modules. I wonder, if you can provide a solution to speed up our Joomla, K2 website.

Answer: Thanks for your interest. We provide many solutions to speed up Joomla websites. In case of K2 performance, we have a special joomla plugin. Our K2 speedbooster, can increase performance of K2. This speed plugin also reduces load on your server CPU and mysql database. Fully functional free trial is available for 15 days. Check it now to increase Joomla, K2 performance at your website.

More details can be seen at K2 listings Speed Up.