Joomla Frontend Access Control

Q. I like to ask you if it is possible, and if SUGA can be what I need to solve my problem:

Customer A can buy product 1 and product 2. Product 1 has a f.ex. a price of $2.
Customer B can buy product 1 and product 3. For this customer Product 1 has a price of $4.

When Customer A is browsing the products, they will only be able to see "their own products", - product 1 and product 2 ( and NOT product 3 cause they are not able to buy this product)

In VM i can assign groups to different prices for a product, so when logged in i achieve the pricing functionallity.
So my question is: is it possible to assign/restrict access to products to different VM groups so that f.ex. Customer A only can see "their own products" ?
Or is there another way to achieve this with your product ?

A. Here is how it can work for you.

If you buy only Suga, first you need to create different groups of your customers. Gold shoppers, Siver shoppers etc. The you will need to assign our users manually to these groups in the backend. After that, you can create custom permission rules to restrict products/categories for each group.

Additionally, if you buy simsu gold version also, things can be much more automated. You can create various free/paid membership plans with simsu gold. In each plan you can select suga group(s) and virtuemart shopper groups. Upon subscription of a plan, users will be automaticall added to those suga & vm groups. Please see plan detail page of simsu gold on it's demo site.

Q. I need a Joomla ACL component to restrict downloads available in rokdownloads. Different user groups will be allowed to access different downloads. Is it possible with your product(s)? If yes, which one should I buy?

A. Yes this is possible with our products to restrict downloads in the way you like. You can create user groups with SUGA and then restrict downloads by defining rules in our custom rules section. This can also work with docman, phocadownload and many others.

Optionally, you can have our product SimSu if you want to have paid SUGA groups. SimSu can automatically add your users into SUGA groups upon successful payment and remove them on membership expiry. All automatic. This Joomla membership extension can save a lot of your precious time.

Q. I am interested in Joomla access control as well as virtuemart. Can I protect virtuemart categories and/or products also with SUGA?

A. Yes, you can do so. You will need to use Joomla Components >> SUGA >> Joomla Items Permissions to protect Joomla content and Components >> SUGA >> Custom URL Permissions to protect virtuemart pages. Following are some examples urls that you can use to protect virtuemart pages:

Protect a specific product:

Protect all products:


Protect the whole virtuemart component: