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Three new Multi vendor modules

We are glad to announce three new modules for our multi vendor virtuemart product. These modules are:

  • Vendor Logo Module
  • Vendor Map Module
  • Vendor Information Module

To use above 3 options you must set "Allow Shop Configuration" to YES in "Vendor/Sub Store Rights & Configuration" in MSCC (Multi Store Control Center). Doing this setting will add a new drop down in Virtuemart back end, Shop screen. That drop down will have all of your vendors/stores. You will need to select them one by one and enter their details.

Vendor Logo Module

The logo uploaded in vendor shop details will be visible in this modules. Shop details/logo can be entered either from virtuemart back end by the main shop administrator or from the front end by the vendor (if this option is allowed in multi store control center MSCC in virtuemart back end). Width and height of logo can be set in module parameters.

Vendor Map Module

A google map will automatically be generated by this module from the address information entered in Shop Details as described above.

Vendor Information Module

This module displays whatever, you have written in the description fields in Shop Details for that vendor.

These modules are available for a separate payment of 99 GBP.

* Please note that Vendor, Sub store, Vendor shop and sub site have same meaning with respect to our Multi Vendor extension for Virtuemart.