JomSocial Subscription - Step by step


  • Enter Paypal details
  • Set 'Force Subscription'. You can set it to 'Yes' to force all of your registered users to buy membership first. They will not be able to access anything after login, until they have an active subscription.
  • You can integrate this product with iDevAffiliate. If you want to do so, install iDevAffiliate in a sub folder inside Joomla's main folder and enter its name here.
  • If you want to allow visitors to buy your product without first signing in, set this option to 'Yes'.

JomSocial Settings:

  • JomSocial settings in configuration are default permissions. Each plan has own set of these permissions and you can change them in each plan. For example, by default you allow your members to create one group but your premium member plans may allow more than one groups. Thse settings are almost self explanatory. If you find any problem in setting them, please contact us.

Create Subscription Plans:

  • You can create unlimited subscription plans depending on your needs. In each plan set your required JomSocial permissions for the members who subscribe that plan and publish the plan.

And it is ready!