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SEO plays a major role in success of your site. Search Engine Optimization is not just creating SEF urls. It is much more than that. One very import aspect of Search Engine Optimatimization for your site is the speed of your site. The quicker it will load the better rank it will get. Besides speed, you can provide translated pages of your site in foreign languages. This will increase your reach to foreign customers. So, it is great that you have a nice SEF plugin but you need to do a bit more.

Lets see some details:


Speed up Products & Categories

If your product categories and product detail pages will load faster then this will be a good experience for users. It will increase the chances of more product visits which of course means more sales. We have a special plugin for this which is already serving many Joomla - Virtuemart based shops. See the article Speed up Virtuemart for details.

Speed up Joomla & Virtuemart modules

Modules also take time to load. Specially the virtuemart category module on most of the Virtuemart Shops. The SpeedPlus makes loading of Joomla and Virtuemart Modules much faster. Please check Faster Joomla & Virtuemart.

2) Google Page Speed

Hopefully you are already aware of Google Page Speed checking tool. If not you can have a look at

However using a firefox extension for Google page speed provides better results.

Our new plugin SpeedBooster for Joomla handles the possible flaws on your site and gives you a good page speed ranking in the eyes of Google. Yes, the faster sites get better ranking on Google. You get more traffic and finally more sales. Check now Speed up Joomla! site.

3) Make Multiple front ends of your Store

Making multiple sites out of your one Joomla & Virtuemart Site can be a great step towards more traffic, good ranking in search engines and more sales. Suppose you have are selling Home electronic appliances, Home security devices, garments and some books for children. Selling them all from one domain is good but selling each of them from one specialized domain is definitely the best. Imagine, when you have specialized domain for selling garments, you will have matching meta tags and descriptions and a nicely matching domain name. You will definitely be able to get great ranking in Search Engines' SERPs. Please check our Multistore Virtuemart for more details.

4) Translate, Translate, Translate!

Why are you leaving the millions who speak a different language then your site? Those of who search in their own language most probably will not find your site in their searches. Then what is the solution? Automatic free translation? No. Google will not index it. Second, very expensive manual translation? If you can afford this is of course the best solution but if cost is concern then you need an automatic translation that is indexable by search engines. Yes! this is possible. Check Multi Store Virtuemart for more information.

We also offer custom solutions and one to one premium support if you want.

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