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Single Vendor Multi Store Virtuemart

This is a variation of our core product Multi Vendor Virtuemart.

This variation allows to Install one Joomla and Virtuemart on your main site and show these products to Multiple front end websites.

Front end websites can be shown on other domains, sub domains or in sub folders. For example if your main website is www.example.com and your installed your Joomla and Virtuemart there. This is your main front end. You can have other front end websites like the following;

example-electronics.com  where you can show your electronics products.
example-toys.com where you can show toys

and so on...

Another variation can be languages. Some websites use other domains for other languages. For example if your main website is in English, you can have other domains for other languages. For example,

example.de    for german language
example.nl     for dutch
example.fr      for french

and so on. With our Single vendor multi store extension setup, you can have multiple front end virtuemart shops easily without the hassle of maintaining multiple websites.

Same kind of setup is possible with sub domains and sub folders. Some examples are given below;


and many more...

Important Notes:

  • Main site can show all or shared or its own separate products

  • The same applies to other front ends or sub sites. Each sub store can show its own products as well as shared products if any.

  • There will be a single checkout even if buyer has selected different products from different vendors.

  • There will be same shipment and payment configurations in Virtuemart back end.

  • Although this can be managed from Virtuemart back end but still you can setup site manager users who will be able to manage their own products and other items from virtuemart front end.

  • Great for big and mid sized online shops.

  • You can have different product prices for same products on different sub stores.

  • You can change meta descriptions and keywords for each sub store for same products. This is great for SEO.

  • If your stores are located in different physical locations and their are different taxes, different shipment and different payment configurations then you may need to select the multi vendor single cart model (Multi Vendor Single Cart Virtuemart) or multi vendor multi cart model (Multi Vendor Virtuemart).

Please contact us for more information. A FREE trial is also available.

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