Coupon extension for Paid membership Manager

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Discount Coupons for Joomla and JomSocial

This extension adds coupon option to our Paid membership manager. This is a great way to offer discounts to your customers for Joomla and Jomsocial subscriptions.

Feature Heighlights:

- Coupons Categories

- Starting and Ending Dates

- Fixed discount

- Discount based on perentage

- Reporting fields  Sold Count, Sales Amount andTotal Discount for each coupon.

- Coupon code using ajax on plans for better performance.

Note: 100% discount coupons can only be used by logged-in users.

Price £99.99 Special Offer £89.99 ......................... Buy Now

Coupons - Back end

Coupons - Back end

Coupon - Front end

Coupon in Plans