Search with Mobile Camera or Webcam

This Joomla component allows your visitors to search your virtuemart e-commerce website using their mobile phone camera or webcam. Without a need to search by typing any text like product name or other details.

Suppose a person finds a nice cap somewhere. He like it. Now he want to check if a similar product is available on your e-commerce website. What does he do? Just grab his phone. Load 'Search by Image' page on your website. Click 'Scan' button. Live video gets started showing on screen. He points the camera to the cap and your website tries to recognize the item. If it recognizes, it shows a list of matching items.

Check this video to see the demo live:

This component does the detection part. You also need to contact us for the Image recognition/machine learning part for the images of your products. This requires the setting up separate AI server with deep learning capabilities. That will somehow 'LEARN' your product images and provide the detection mechanism.

Feel free to contact us for details or a trial/demo.