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The plugin to create excellent dynamic landing pages in Joomla for SpeedPPC. Its pure Joomla plugin. No hacks. Just enter the content in a Joomla article including SpeedPPC tokens where you want.

SpeedPPC tokens that you can use in Joomal article:


You can use these tokens in article title and body both. These will automatically be replaced by the values sent by google adwords landing page links and you will have great, targetted landing pages!!!

How to use:

This is a sample paragraph with speedppc tokens. You can write {seed} like this. This will be replaced by the actual seed value. In the same way you can use any of the above tokens.

How to test:

For testing browse your page using the URL like following:

www.example.com/?seed=Anything here&final=any other thing here

For testing from SpeedPPC:

Use the url like this:


Contact us for a live demo or a fully functional trial.

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