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Multi Vendor Virtuemart with single cart

Multi Vendor, Single Cart, (Optionally Mult Store) Virtuemart Configuration. Separate sub domain or separate domain also possible for each vendor. Gold Version!

(If you are looking for multi cart check Multi Vendor Virtuemart )

Here is more information if you want to have the following on your Joomla and Virtuemart site. This option is good for those multi vendor sites where money first goes to site owner and then he distributes it to vendors. Taxes and Shipment configuration must also be same for each vendor. Otherwise you need to go for multi cart.

Please keep the very important point in mind there will be only ONE installation of Joomla and Virtuemart to achieve the following:


  • Main site can show all or shared or its own separate products
  • The same applies to vendor sub sites. Each vendor store can show its own products as well as shared products if any.
  • There will be a single checkout even if buyer has selected different products from different vendors.
  • As all payments will go to site owner. Payment methods configuration will be done in virtuemart back end and not allowed to vendors.

Things to do:

  • Install and enable both plugins and the multi cart module.
  • Go in plug-in manager and edit Multi Store Virtuemart plugin. There is a parameter, 'Show all in Main'. Set this is YES if you to show everything on main site. Otherwise only allocated items will be shown on main store. It is an important parameter.
  • There is another parameter 'Separate cart for each sub store'. Set this to NO.
  • After that there is a parameter in 'Advanced' tab in plugin options. That is:
  • Store wise VM configuration
    Select NO here usually but if you have different virtuemart configuration based on vendor then select YES. Still it will not allow vendors to access this configuration.
  • Go to Virtuemart in back end and click on 'Multi Store Control Center' link.
  • There you see an option, Vendor/Sub store's Rights and Configuration. This screen allows to turn ON/OFF various options to allow using them differently for each vendor or to use same options across all vendors. These options are

    Store wise Shipment Configuration, Store wise Payment Configuration, Store wise Tax and Calculations, Store wise manufacturer categories,   Store wise manufacturers, Same as manufacturer categories, Store wise custom fields, Store wise shopper groups, Store wise coupons.

    If any of the above mentioned options are set to NO, global settigns will be shared across all vendors. If set to YES, you can define separate settings for each vendor as well as allowing them to share the shared ones. Plus, In all of the above options, even if you set them to YES, you can still create shared entries from Virtuemart back end as site owner.

  • If you want to allocate Joomla content or modules, please select 'Joomla Content & Module allocation' option.
  • Then click Store's configuration link. This is where you can create vendors' sub stores (and their carts). Also there is a field to enter username of each vendor's Joomla account.
  • You can set meta information for each sub store also. This is important if vendor sub sites have different templates.
  • A different template can also be selected here for each vendor's sub store in the same screen.

  • Use 'Allocate product categories' and 'Allocate products' options if you have some pre-created vendor products.

  • Login to your main site in front end with a vendor username in a different browser. Each vendor will see links to manage his products, categories etc. on top each virtuemart page. Using these links he can do required operations. Visibility of these links depends upon the options you have selected in multi store plugin's advanced tab parameters.

    For example, if you've selected YES in Store wise manufacturers, each vendor will see a link to add/edit/delete his manufacturers from front end Virtuemart Vendor links. But if you selected NO in store wise manufacturers, then you should add/edit/delete all manufacturers from virtuemart back end and allocate them as shared in All stores. You can even share some manufacturers to some vendors and some others to some. It is totally fexible. The same applies to all options of 'Advanced Tab' in Virtuemart Multi store plugin's back end options.

Multi Store Options:

Multi Vendor Virtuemart           (Multiple Carts Allowed)

Multi Vendor Single Cart Virtuemart

Single Vendor Multi Store Virtuemart

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