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Installation Guide for Multi Store - Multi Vendor Virtuemart

Here is the step by step guide for installation of our Multi Vendor Virtuemart extension:

Check and Confirm System Requirements

YOU MUST check system requirements first.

Important: Your website must be accessible with www like  www.your-website.com.

Installation of packages

First of all you need to install the multi_vendor_extension_for_virtuemart.zip package in Joomla back end. We send you that package by email.

- Go in Joomla back end, Extension manager, Install option. Then install multi_vendor_extension_for_virtuemart.zip normally just like any other plugin installation.

- If you have bought the license, Login to CodingMall.com in a separate browser tab. We have sent your login details via email.

- Go in Joomla back end, plugins manager.

- You see two license dialogs. One for each plugin. For each plugin license do the following:
      Click 'Get Trial License' or 'Get Full License'
      Save license file
      Upload using 'Browse' button in license dialog.

Vendor Registration at front end (Optional)

Skip this and below section if you don't want this feature. If you want to allow Vendor registration from front end, you need to check Vendor signup from front end first.

Create a new menu item as external url and name it like "Vendor Shop Information" and point it to

Installation of Subscription Component  (Optional - Separate extension)

Skip this section if you don't want this feature.

If you want to allow vendor registration from front end but also want to charge a fee for that, you need to install our subscription component also. You may send an email to get it. After getting it, install com_simsu_sleekgold_withlic_n.n.n.zip and plug_suga_n.n.n.zip using standard Joomla installation procedure. After installation, go to Joomla back end, components, Paid Membership Manager and generate a tria/full license same as you did above.

Create a New user type 'Vendors' under 'Registered' users group. Set this group as who can registered from front end as Vendors in MSCC. Details are given at Vendor signup from front end.

After that, you need to create your subscription plans in back end. In each plan detail page, Select 'Vendors' group in 'Add user to Joomla group' field and select 'Registered' in 'Fallback Joomla group' field. Save your plan.

Also create a new menu item to point to Simsu Plans standard layout page. You also need to go in Joomla back end, Paid membership manager, configuration and do the necessary settings.


For configuration, please follow this article:

Testing for vendor creation from front end

- Create a new user vendor01 in backend and create his store in front end.
- Click 'Become a vendor' and subscribe the free plan (optional)
- Enter shop info.
- Enter shop details in VM shop from front end.
- check vendors list (optional)

Further reading

Please check Virtuemart Multi Vendor Configuration & Settings.

A configuration example creating vendors from Joomla/VM back end

1) http://www.your-main-site.com  is your main site.

2) http://www.your-main-site.com/store01     and    http://www.your-main-site.com/store02

are two sample stores.

3) Create two new users vendor1/vendor1 and vendor2/vendor2. These are your vendors.

4) Then go in virtuemart back end. You see there a new link 'Multi store control center' (MSCC). Click that and go to 'Store Configuration'. Here you can create your vendor stores.

You can allocate categories/products on all above 3 stores.

a. go to virtuemart back end.
b. go to categories screen
c. There you see a 'Change' link with each category. Click that. You will your reseller stores. Assign as per your choice.