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Shared Virtuemart Categories with Different Descriptions

Question: I found something weird http://my-main-domain.com/substore01/category-one

I made 3 new categories (Retail, Supermarket, Redistribution) for that store with description but the description only show for Supermarket category.

I tried to allocated the others (Retail and Redistribution) to main store and the description of the categories showing. So the description of categories just not completely show in sub store. Can you provide a solution to this?

Answer: First of all a question:

- Do you have categories that will be shown in more than one store? I mean shared categories.

- If you have shared categories, do you want to show a different description on each shared store?

Solution: To have Shared Virtuemart Categories with Different Descriptions between different front end vendor stores, please go to

Virtuemart back end >> Multi Store Control Center >> Vendor/Sub Store Rights & Configuration

There you should see a setting captioned as "Store based different Product Name, Description & Meta". Set that to YES.

This means you need to select store from top left drop down, when writing descriptions in each category or product edit form. For each store, you can write a different description and different meta kewords and meta description. This is a great feature in our Multi Vendor Virtuemart plugin for SEO of your multiple front end websites sharing same products or categories.

I see that you did not write description for substore01 store for Retail category. The same problem with other stores.