Creating Vendor Account from Joomla Back end

Question: I am testing the trial version of your Multi Vendor extension for Virtuemart. Can you please describe the way to create a new vendor store from back end. I want vendor store on a different domain from my main domain where I installed Joomla and Virtuemart. Is that possible with your multi vendor plugin and virtuemart?

Answer: Yes, that is possible.

The process to create a new vendor store is given below:

- Go in "Multi Store Control Center"

- Go to "Store Configuration"

- Enter store name and other details. In case of separate domain or sub domain, you need to enter full store domain name. Like or etc.

You need to enter full domain name if vendor domain is different from the main domain. For example, if currently your main domain is and you want to create vendor store at, then you need to enter in store name field.

If vendor store needs to be created on a sub domain under the same main domain, then you do not enter full domain or sub domain name in create vendor store. Like you can enter tienda1 only while the full url will be

That is fine because main domain is same.

3) Create a user for each vendor in Joomla back end. For example, you can create 


for vendor store tienda1

and vu01 for These are just examples. You can use any username.

Make sure that same username is entered again each store name in store creation screen.

4) Login to front end as vendor user, that you created above. Like tienda1 in this case. After login you see all vendor options in virtuemart component.

5) You can enable/disable vendor options from

"Multi Store control center" >> "Vendor/Sub Store Rights & Configuration"

Let us know if you need further clarification.