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Advanced Multi Profile Access Control

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Advanced Multi Profile Multi Level Access Control for JomSocial

Now have a great control over JomSocial configuration. Customize JomSocial for each profile type, as you want!

Joomla 3 Ready!

You can configure JomSocial's different settings for each profile type. Following are some highlights to give you an idea about how effectively you can control extended user rights and activities with this powerful extension: 

  • Extensive control over photos. Allow/Disallow, Limits and much more.
  • Complete control over videos. Different limits, video enable/disable by profile, video uploads, max upload size setting, video size, enable/disable video location and many more.
  • Friends filtering
  • Likes Rating
  • Enable/disable Social Bookmarking by membership/profile type.
  • Extensive Group controlling. Creation, limits, photos, videos, discussion, file sharing, file size and Bulletin file sharing.
  • Different Templates possible for each profile type.
  • Daily different message limits. complete control by user profile type.
  • Event controlling like creation, limits, moderation, recurring etc. You can different settings for each profile or membership plan.
  • Allow/disallow HTML
  • Different Facebook settings possible for each profile
  • many many more.....

Imagine, how you can customize your JomSocial site. You will have great options. Premium members can have more features, more photos and more videos. In short any combination of the above listed features.

And the best news. All of this can be integrated with our "Paid Membership Manager for JomSocial". Means, user can join different categories based on their subscription plans. Free plans and Paid plans, as per your choice.

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Standalone Advanced Permission Control for JomSocial

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Parameters of jomsomu system plugin

Set Working Mode in jomsomu system plugin

Multiples Profiles Created In JomSocial

First of all, multiples profiles should be ready in JomSocial. You can create as many profiles as you want. Then with the help of our multi profile access control extension for JomSocial, you can assign different configuration settings for each profile type, in JomSocial back end.

See the real power. The new drop down containing profile types is available in various configuration screens. For example, you can allow different number of Photos and Videos for each profile type and so on.

Multi Profile JomSocial Configuration 

New drop downs added in JomSocial configuration

Multi Profile JomSocial Configuration 

Different Template for each Profile Type 

Better Privacy settings for Premium Members 

Setting to have an attractive Layout for Paid members 

Facebook Connect Settings JomSocial 

JomSocial Event Settings for Each Profile Type 

Better Anti-Spam settings for Paid JomSocial members 

Premium Members may enjoy more Video uploads 

Simply allow more Photos to Paid Members 

Enhanced control over Group Settings for free and paid members