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Paid Membership Manager for JomSocial


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The Paid Membership Manager for JomSocial is a robust integrated solution for JomSocial. Provides paid membership features plus integrated access control to various JomSocial features.

You can select any of the following to know more....

I am looking for Paid Membership Only

You are already at the right page. You can just buy using the buy now link at the bottom, Or See Feature Highlight below Or ask for a free, fully functional trial.

I am looking for Paid Membership with Access Control

I am looking for Access Control only for Multiple profile types

*All of the above options supports Multiprofile Feature of JomSocial.

Features Highlights - Paid Membership Manager for JomSocial

  • Multiple subscription plans provide you complete control over subscription period. Lifetime, yearly, monthly, weekly and daily. You can also define a frequency with period type. Like 3 months or 10 days etc.
  • Recurring Subscriptions
  • Extensive membership plan control. You can control easily that who can subscribe which plan. A free member cannot subscribe two free plans and many more.
  • Simple Force Subscription option to force everyone to buy a subscription to access the site.
  • Safe & Secure. Paid Membership Manager does not store any credit card information of your customers. Everything is handled on highly secured paypal system.

Summary: Simple and effective component not only for JomSocial paid membership / subscription but also for Joomla subscription and Community Builder (CB) Subscription.

Buying with Advanced Multiprofile/Multi-level Access Control System (Optional)

If you buy it with Advanced Multiprofile/Multi-level Access Control System, You will get extensive control over following features for different profiles or different membership plans.

  • Extensive control over photo gallery. Limits, photo map, output quality etc.
  • Complete control over video gallery. Limits, Profile video enable/disable by profile or membership type, video uploads, max upload size setting, video size, enable/disable video location and many more.
  • Friends filtering
  • Likes Rating
  • Enable/disable Social Bookmarking by membership/profile type.
  • Extensive Group controlling. Creation, limits, photos, videos, discussion, file sharing, file size and Bulletin file sharing.
  • Extensive Wall controlling
  • Akismet and Daily different message limits. complete control by profile or membership type
  • Event controlling like creation, limits, moderation, recurring etc. You can different settings for each profile or membership plan.
  • many many more.....

Life Time License!

Standalone Paid Membership Manager for JomSocial

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Bundled with Advanced Permission Control for JomSocial. Two in one, save money!

Price £89 Special Offer £69.99 ......................... Buy Now

Optional Coupon extension for Paid membership Manager

Optional More Payment methods for Paid Membership Manager

Optional Newsletter for Jomsocial

Some Screenshots:

Plans in Joomla back end


Paid Membership Manager Configuration

Paid Membership Manager Configuration

Plan Detail Pages

Plan detail page

Plan detail page
Plan detail page
Plan detail page

Subscriptions List

Plan detail page

Plans Front End

Plan detail page

New Plans Layout

New Plans layout