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More Payment methods for Paid Membership Manager

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This new plugin for our Paid Membership Manager extension provides you a way to sell your membership plans by using Virtuemart. This plugin automatically integrates a membership sold from Virtuemart into our Paid Membership manager.

Our Paid membership extension for JomSocial has its own built-in processor for Paypal but if you want to use other payment methods then this new plugin does a wonderful job for you. Virtuemart supports a lot of payment methods.

How does it work:

You create a membership product in virtuemart and put a special entry in its SKU field. Like SMU-nnn-SMU

where nnn is the plan id in Simsu (Paid memebership manager).

For example, SMU-1-SMU

Buy that product from virtuemart creates a subscription in our Paid membership Manager (com simsu) which can been seen in
Joomla back end >> Paid membership manager >> Subscriptions.

£89 - Buy Now - Only £59.99 £59.99

Troubleshooting and Setup

Question: I want to use JomSocial membership extension with Access Control that is available here;

with More payment methods plugin for Virtuemart, available here;

but when I complete a purchase via VM there are no changes to the users profile. Also, I cannot see a subscription in Joomla Admin >> Components >> Paid Membership Manager >> Subscriptions.

What's wrong with subscription plan settings? or more payment methods plugin?

AnswerIf you buy through Virtuemart and using our VM integration plugin for our Joomla Membership Component or our JomSocial membership component, three things are must:

a) You have to create a plan in Paid Membership Manager back end with a corresponding product for each plan in Virtuemart.

joomla membership plan showing plan id

b) Put the plan id in Virtuemart Product like SMU-n-SMU. For example, if plan ID is 3 then product SKU will be SMU-3-SMU

Joomla membership plan sold as Virtuemart Product

c) Virtuemart Order status must be "Confirmed". Once it is confirmed, our VM integration plugin will created subscription in Paid membership manager >> Subscriptions.

When someone paid successfully to buy a product in Virtuemart, the order status automatically changes to 'Confirmed'. Then a subscription is automatically created in Joomla Admin >> Components >> Paid Membership Manager >> Subscriptions.

If you have different payment settings in Virtuemart like "Cash on Delivery" then order status remains either "Pending" or something else. When you change order status from Virtuemart to "Confirmed" then our VM integration plugin for Joomla membership will immediately create user subscription in membership component. This will also change other things like user profile or Joomla group and anything else you defined in that membership plan.