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SEO Index Improved for Virtuemart

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Would you like to improve your rankings in Google Search? 

Do you want more pages in Google's index?

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Now, it is possible without any hassle. The plugin, SEO Index Improved for Virtuemart, is a Joomla extension that creates unique search pages from the meta tags defined on your product pages. These automatically created search pages are optimized for SEO. This also helps Google to categorize your content better.

Short Video Demo

On each product details page you see each meta tag as a click-able link. That link points to the search page where it shows all products found for that meta tag as a result of a search operation. This is a great way to categorize your products almost in unlimited ways.

For example, if you have a meta tag "strong" associated with a product. Our extension SEO Index Improved makes this word a link to the search page of Virtuemart. Upon clicking of this link, visitor will see all products having the word strong in their title or description. That is done automatically by Virtuemart search.

This plugin also does its job to help Google, Bing and more search engines, indexing more pages by adding linkable tags in your Joomla content. You can see it working even on this page. See tags at the bottom of page. Your questions and thoughts are welcome. We would love to listen our customers opinions.

If you need a free trial, please contact us.

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