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Newly Introduced GOLD Version


After introducing our Multi store for Virtuemart plugin, we are now moving forward with our new Multi Store - Multi Vendor extension (GOLD VERSION) for Joomla 3.x and Virtuemart 3.x. We have a version for Joomla 2.5 and VM 2.x also.

Please note that a sub store is also referred as a sub site, vendor store and vendor site here. These all are same.

Shopping Mall like Setup

Our Multi Vendor Virtuemart extension allows you to setup a "Shopping Mall" like Virtuemart online e-commerce shop. This kind of setup allows your vendors to have separate payment methods, separate shipment methods and different shipment methods if required.

Two options for money. It can directly go to vendors or you may receive it as site owner. Then you may send it to vendors. Each Vendor can apply taxes as per his requirement and his physical location.

GOLD VERSION Highlights:

- Achieve great multi site, multi vendor environment with just a single installation of Joomla and Virtuemart
- You can set a different template for each vendor store (sub store) or just use the main one.
- Share Joomla Content Categories and Articles across the main site and sub stores as well as writing different content

Short Video - Visitor View

Short Video - Vendor View

- Separate and/or shared Virtuemart Products and Categories on Main site and sub sites (vendor stores)
- Show different modules on different child sites or share some of them to all sites
- The configuration is very simple for our Multi store multi vendor plugin for virtuemart.
- Acclaimed as the best Multi Vendor, Multi site extension for Joomla and Virtuemart with great features.

Step by Step Installation

Installation instructions are available if you are installing it by your self.

For further information regarding our Joomla Virtuemart Multi store, multi vendor extension, please select your choice below:

Other Variations

Multi Vendor Single Cart Virtuemart

One Main site with multiple vendors with a single cart (Multi Vendor, Single Cart). Separate sub domain or separate domain also possible for each vendor sub site.

Single Vendor Multi Store Virtuemart

Single Vendor, Single Cart Virtuemart. One main site and multiple front ends on sub domains or other domains.

Multi Store Multi Vendor Configuration & Settings  - Gold Version

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