Troubleshooting - Paid Membership Extension

Question: I am trying to use Joomla Paid Membership Component trial version on my website. Whenever I subscribe a plan, I can no longer login to front end with that username. What is going wrong?

Answer: Make sure to have correct group selected (or no group selected in you don't want to change user group) in the following fields, in plan edit screen. 

joomla groups selection in membership plan

Sometimes, people select 'Public' in 'Add to Joomla Group' field and on subscription the user puts into the Public group. Because of that he can no more login to front end.

Question: I cannot see plans in front end of my website. I created them in Joomla Admin >> Components >> Paid Membership Manager but I cannot see them in front end.

Answer: You can see subscription plans in front end in two ways:

1) Browse this url
2) Create a menu item that points to Subscription plans view in Paid Membership Manager component.

Another thing to note: Make sure that 'Visible to Joomla Group' setting is correct in your plans. See the above image. Sometimes, people select 'Registered' in 'Visible to Joomla Group' field. That means your plan will only be visible to those users who are logged in and belong to 'Registered' Joomla group. In most cases you do not need to select anything in this field. If you have selected a group and want to un-select it, hold Ctrl key and click the selected value to un-select it. 

Remember that if you select 'Public' in 'Visible to Joomla Group' field, it means the plan will only be visible to non-logged in visitors of your website. If you want to show that subscription plan to everybody, just do not select any Joomla group.

Question: What is meant by 'Fallback Joomla Group'?

Answer: 'Fallback Joomla Group' field in a membership plan in Joomla Membership Component is to select a Joomla group in which you want to put user when his membership plan expires. For example, if you want to put a Joomla user in 'Author' group when he subscribe a plan and on expiry of his plan, you want to make him just a regular Joomla user. Then you need to select "Author" in 'Add to Joomla Group' field and select "Registered" in 'Fallback Joomla Group' field.

Question: I want to use JomSocial membership extension with Access Control that is available here;

with More payment methods plugin for Virtuemart, available here;

but when I complete a purchase via VM there are no changes to the users profile. Also, I cannot see a subscription in Joomla Admin >> Components >> Paid Membership Manager >> Subscriptions.

What's wrong with subscription plan settings? or more payment methods plugin?

AnswerIf you buy through Virtuemart and using our VM integration plugin for our Joomla Membership Component or our JomSocial membership component, three things are must:

a) You have to create a plan in Paid Membership Manager back end with a corresponding product for each plan in Virtuemart.

joomla membership plan showing plan id

b) Put the plan id in Virtuemart Product like SMU-n-SMU. For example, if plan ID is 3 then product SKU will be SMU-3-SMU

Joomla membership plan sold as Virtuemart Product

c) Virtuemart Order status must be "Confirmed". Once it is confirmed, our VM integration plugin will created subscription in Paid membership manager >> Subscriptions.

When someone paid successfully to buy a product in Virtuemart, the order status automatically changes to 'Confirmed'. Then a subscription is automatically created in Joomla Admin >> Components >> Paid Membership Manager >> Subscriptions.

If you have different payment settings in Virtuemart like "Cash on Delivery" then order status remains either "Pending" or something else. When you change order status from Virtuemart to "Confirmed" then our VM integration plugin for Joomla membership will immediately create user subscription in membership component. This will also change other things like user profile or Joomla group and anything else you defined in that membership plan.