Joomla Membership & Access Control

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Two in one, Joomla Membership plus Access Control

Paid Membership Extension without Access Control

Joomla 3.x READY!

The ultimate bundle for Joomla Membership. Two Joomla extensions to get the power of subscription combined with access rights. Exercise total control over your user access while monetizing your site.  Best of all, you'll save great on buying the bundle.

Joomla 3 Ready!

Product Highlights:

- No hacking and Joomla remains easily upgradeable.

- Possibility to restrict any Joomla section, category or even a single article with Joomla access control extension.

- Unlimited number of Subscription Plans with flexible plan durations with SimSu, the subscription extension for Joomla. Lifetime, yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and hourly. You can also define a frequency with period type. Like 3 months or 10 days etc.

- Unlimited access group creation. You can assign users to multiple groups and can customize individual access rights for groups of users or even each single user.

- Restrict any page of any component based on url.

- Restrict any action of any component based on url.

- Show blog view intro section but protect full view.


SUGA with SimSu Gold:

With Additional features:

  • Create Free plans or Paid plans as many as you want
  • Trial Period for subscription
  • Manual approval of subscriptions on your choice
  • Option to display selected plans on different menu items
  • Block/unblock user accounts on subscription/expiry
  • Custom email sending to user on subscripiton
  • Custom Email sending to admin and other email addresses of your choice when a subscription is created.
  • Add user to different virtuemart shopper group on subscription and expiry.
  • Extra security on Paypal checkouts

£79 - Buy Now - Only £69.99 £69.99

A few screenshots:

Paid Membership Component - Configuration

Paid Membership Manager Configuration

Paid Membership Component - Plans List

Paid Membership Manager - Plans List

Paid Membership Component - Plan Details

Paid Membership Manager - Plan Details

Paid Membership Component - Plan Details - Block/Unblock User

Paid Membership Manager - Plan Details - Block/Unblock User

Paid Membership Component - Plan Control

Paid Membership Manager - Plan Control

Paid Membership Component - Plan Email Notification

Paid Membership Manager - Plan Email Notification

Paid Membership Component - Plan Subscribe

Paid Membership Manager - Plan Subscribe

Paid Membership Component - Subscriptions List

Paid Membership Manager - Subscriptions List

Paid Membership Component - Subscription Details

Paid Membership Manager - Subscription Details