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Intelligent Promotions for Joomla

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Create Intelligent Promo Popus Easily and Quickly for Virtuemart and Joomla. No need to learn jQuery or other complex Javascript libraries. It is very easy now!

Multiple Popup Sources

- You can create popups with any custom HTML using your html editor.

- Text option is available to paste your full HTML code with linking styles and scripts, including the embedded ones. You are free to show anything in your promotional popup. A pinterest pin, a facebook resource, a YouTube video or anything else. The choices are virtually unlimited.

- External URL option can be used to show content of any external url as a promotional popup on your website.

- Virtuemart Category is also an option. As you will see in the screenshots below, a virtuemart category can also be shown in a popup to your visitors.

- You may also show any Virtuemart Product to your visitors. Usually this is used to show products which are discounted heavily as a part of your ongoing campaign.

Popup Activation Options

Usually popups are shown automatically on page load. You can select a delay optionally. This is great if you want to show the promotional popup to your visitors after a period of time. For example, show a promotional message after 15 seconds.

Besides this, you can also show the popup on click of button, link or menu item. This is great if you want to show a discounted product on click of a corner ribbon or any other promotional object like that.

Powerful Control on Display

This is probably the most powerful feature of our Intelligent Promotions extension for Virtuemart and Joomla. Suppose you have a 50% discounted toy and you want to show it your customers but it is important that you show it to those who are browsing relevant categories and/or products. Showing a discounted toy offer to somebody who is browsing something irrelevant may not increase conversions. Similarly, a discounted car accessory will be more interesting for those who are browsing related stuff. With this intelligent promotions extension you have full control over when and where you want to display the popup.

Time to Show Again

Of course you don't want to show promotional popup on every page load. To handle this, you have full control over time when you want to show a popup again to a visitor.

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A custom HTML sample popup

The promotional popup below is created with custom HTML and it shows on page load.

Virtuemart Products Category Page

This is a category page view showing discounted products in the popup.

Product Details in Popup

You can show any product detail page as a part of your promotional campaign. This is great for new products or discounted products.

How To Setup

Go to the list of popups screen in Joomla back end, Components.

HTML Editor for Custom HTML

Any html content can be entered to show in the popup.

More Popup Sources

What do you want to show in the popup? See below. There are many choices available.

Many Properties

There are many properties available to change the look and feel and behaviour of the popup. Five built-in styles are included.

Virtuemart Category in Popup

Any virtuemart category can be shown in the popup. Like in the image below, we selected a category which has all products which are available at 50% discount.

Popup Activation

A popup can be shown on completion of page after a specified number of seconds or on click of a link, button, menu item etc.

Popup Target

Where do you want to show it? On all pages? or specified menu items. All is possible.

Super Discount

£49 - Buy Now - Only £29 £29