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Create powerful landing pages for your Joomla website with our Joomla adwords landing page plugin. It is easy to make hundreds of customized, target-oriented pages with just a few Joomla articles. Our Joomla plugin for Google Adwords landing pages, boosts quality score. Anyone with a Joomla site who users AdWords could benefit from it. A quick way to make 20 - 50 highly relevant landing pages while saving days of work...

You can use required tags not only in page content but also in meta tages and page titles.

See the following example:
<meta name="keywords" content="{final} joomla, landing pages speedppc, {seed} joomla, {expansion} joomla, {body} any-keyword" />
<meta name="title" content="{final} - Joomla Plugin" />
<meta name="description" content="{final} - Create excellent dynamic landing pages. Have targetted landing pages now." />

Another possibility:

<h1>{final:Normal h1}</h1>

So the Joomla h1 tag (added in the article <h1>Title</h1>) operates normally without keyword insertion... Perfect for normal visitors. With keyword insertion in the url /?&final=Your-own-keyword the <h1>Normal h1</h1> is replaced with <h1>Your-own-keyword</h1>. Again, a great boost for quality score... Actually, equally inportant like the meta tags.

It can be used in the Page Title also.


The Fallback value be used if no "final" is given in the url.

You can use these tokens:

Of course, every token can be used with or without a fallback value. Like the following:
With fallback:
{campaign:This will be used if no campaign variable in url}

Without fallback:

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